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Katie's Bio

Katie Otten is an actor, voice over talent, educator, director, and model based in Omaha, NE.  She has a Master of Arts in Theatre Performance from the University of Nebraska - Omaha.


She has acted with Brigit Saint Brigit Theatre Company, Nebraska Shakespeare, The Bluebarn Theatre, The Rose Theater, PART Theatre, among others. She has been featured in various short and feature-length films and commercials.


She has taught theatre with grades PreK-12 with The Rose Theater, First Stage Children's Theater, and CLIMB Theatre.

As a voice actor, she has worked on several audiobooks, video games, animated projects, and educational materials.


As a model, she is featured on the cover of the VC Andrew's Novel Whitefern.

As a screenwriter and producer, she has worked on two seasons of the web-series, Inner Worlds.

When she's not working, she can often be found drinking bubble tea and playing old school video games.

Current Projects​​
  • Freelance stage, film, voice actor, and model

  • Performing at the Omaha Children's Museum

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