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Commercial Demo
Animation Demo
Commercial Demo - Katie Otten
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Animation Demo - Katie Otten
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Narration Demo
Video Game Demo
Narration Demo - Katie Otten
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Video Game Demo - Katie Otten
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Microphone: Shure SM7B Cardioid Vocal Mic
Mixer: Mackie MIX5
CL-1 Cloud Lifter



VIDEO GAMES            
Infinite Adventures   Amalia                 Stormseeker Games
Runewards               Brood Mother, Felcaster Reaver Games
Mind Trap               Sally Jenkins          Gear Worx Productions
The Office Type        Callista                 Heavy Thought Studios
Star Girls                   Luu                     SilverEdge Games
Wormhole                Battle Announcer   Real Fantasy Games
Drift Dragons             Miku                   Bard & Banshee Studios
Hellevator                 Female Protagonist   Abyss Team
Memories                 Haru, Sunohara      Cotton Blue
Running with Wolves  Sami                  Wolfblood Games
Heart's Medicine        Jenny Pope           GameHouse
Re/Count Reverse        Historia               Tofu Sheets Visual
A Piece of Sweetness   Barista                 Tofu Sheets Visual                
Scheming Through     Krista                   Entertainment Forge
     the Zombie Apocalypse
Steventon Street         Delilah                  Peanut Parade Games
Tales of Nyxia          Playable Character Coffee Cat Studios
Heroes of Marthens    Cindra                  Dreamscape Mansion
Amok                       Guardian, Grandma Bagock Games
The Dreamlands:        Aisling & Mother   The Domaginarium
    Aisling's Quest
Since When Did I       TV Reporter          Tofu Sheets Visual   
    Have a Combat...
Pitch Black                Various NPCs        Purple Jam Ltd.
Virtual Museum of    Narrator               Pond Hill Games
      Human Evolution
The Girl Who Sees     Marisol                InterIntellectus
Aurore: Five Princes   Mrs. Marshall,       Peanut Parade Games
                               Princesses Atlanta & Nikita
ExoSpace                  Queen Nelula       SM Games
Snowdrop                 Anjali Scott           LegendEx Games
NSA Internship         Mary Calmant      Black Vein Productions
Strangers of the Power 2 Hacathra          Tuomo's Games
Border of Her Heart    Yggraine              Tuomo's Games
"Lissette Duet" by E.K. More
"Witch's Cursed Cabin: A Coon Hollow Coven Tale" by Marsha A Moore
"Hush Girl" by Gloria Zachgo
"The Home" by Eric Tripp
"The Rocking Horse" by Gloria Zachgo
"Total Me: Discover Contentment and Stability in 60 Minutes" by Kai Cheng
The Multiverse War          Augustine & Ludovica  Venus Candy Productions
LICK                                Mrs Reinsteen               EliteProductions
Origins Untold                   Dr. Butcher                   EliteProductions
Lego Star Wars Rebel Series  Amara                      Titan Pictures
Lego Star Wars: Treachery...  H.Q. Dispatch             Titan Pictures
The Veiled Monarch     Chloe & Belle                  Hey It's Jali Entertainment
Crunchy Dragon Treats  Allaina, Young Girl        Hey It's Jali Entertainment
Emperor Pigs                Androgyne, Receptionist   Postal Roach
INN Mailroom             Morgana Winston          Postal Roach
Liberty: Tales from...      Ceto                               Liberty
Unlucky Charm            Mrs. Basil                       Hail and Well Met
Sea of Stars: Odyssey     Cindy Bishop                  Forward Momentum Productions
Galatic Driftwood          Intro/Outro
ALEXYS Inc. - educational voice over
Novo Learning - English learning material
Accdon LLC - educational and medical materials
Oxford Medical Simulation - Voice Actor - Patient
University of Nebraska Medical Center - Intensive Care Unit App - Manuela
Zenergy Films - various voice over
VR Labs - Animal Puzzle - Learn with Fun app
Kettle Moraine Players - full phone tree
Front Row Education -  math problem voice over
Omaha Children's Museum - Interactive exhibit voice over
Delta Strike Ltd. - Laser Tag voiceover

© 2020 by Katie Otten

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