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Master's Thesis Work

ABSTRACT:  Voice acting is a relatively new field of performance compared with theatrical acting.  Through my experiences with theatre, I compare how the role of a voice actor matches or varies from that of a theatre actor.  I develop my own methodology for creating a character’s voice and giving a powerful performance tested and implemented by creating a character for an independently-made video game.  Through helping write the story, finding artists to bring the world to life, and performing as a voice actor, I examine the differences between the theatre-making process and video game design process.
As my 6-hour thesis equivalent project for the University of Nebraska – Omaha’s Master in Theatre program, I provided the voice acting for an independently-made video game titled Amok.  Through voicing a main character in the game, The Guardian, I explored how I could best make the character sound real and engaging (and what those ideas actually mean).  I also assisted the other voice actors with their roles and gave them feedback and help during the process.
Amok will be available to play in 2019.  Stay tuned for more details!
Guardian design by Mike Hulyk

Sound Files

The Guardian - Scene 1 - Katie Otten
The Guardian - Scene 2 - Katie Otten
The Guardian - Scene 3 - Katie Otten
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